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Positron probing

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unprecedented material characterization
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speeding up
technology innovation

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saving time
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Performance features


Quantitative measurements of pore sizes with sub-nm resolution

Measurement of pore / void concentrations


Characterization of atomistic defect types such as vacancies, vacancy cluster, dislocation and other structural defects …

Quantitative measurement of atomistic defect concentration with high sensitivity < ppm level

Highlights of the method

Non-destructive analysis method

Direct measurement: No tracers molecules necessary

Measurement of closed pores / buried pores

Depth profiles of defects and pores

Sample temperature variable from -190°C - +300°C

Measurement of ultra-thin films (10 nm to 5 µm) and
measurement of bulk material (up to 3 mm)

Application example

Interface nanocavities in poly (lactic acid) membranes with dispersed cellulose nanofibrils: Their role in the gas barrier performances

Control of vacancy-type defects in Mg implanted GaN studied by positron annihilation spectroscopy

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a full service approach

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Discussing best solution

Measuring your samples

Analyzing data

Reportine results

Our expertise

We work in cooperation with our academic partner

 Prof. Dr. Günther Dollinger (Universität der Bundeswehr München) and his working group

20+ years scientific expertise

100+ scientific publications since 2008

20+ scientific cooperation partners

We are bridging the gap between Industry and publicly owned research infrastructure

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