Cost estimation studies

In a nutshell

You run a particle accelerator facility and want to extend you capabilities: e.g by adding further beamlines equipped with new scientific instruments or by implementing a different type of accelerator in addition? Maybe you even think of build up a completely new particle accelerator laboratory on campus in a dedicated building? Your funding entity requests a proposal with a first estimation of the associated costs?

We support you in the process of breaking down the cost into the relevant categories and collecting all items for compiling a gross cost estimation.


Detailed assessment on the components of the project in collaboration with all affected stakeholders and subsystems

Development of a cost matrix in a breakdown structure

Acquiring gross cost estimations for the all sub systems

Depending on the degree of detail, cost estimation can be generated from own expertise, from analogous project, from quotations by companies or in collaboration with other external experts

Compiling all results and summarizing it in a detailed report

Application example

Study on layout and cost estimation for a new center of competence for ion beam applications in materials research and medicine

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