Relocation of scientific instruments

In a nutshell

You are working as a lead scientist in academia and have to transfer a complex high-tech instrumentation-setup to a different accelerator facility? But you do not have enough resources and time for a decent preparation and thorough conduction of this task.

We offer professional support in all phases of this project: preparation; deinstallation; transport and reinstallation at the new site


Identifying the boundary conditions for the setup at the new locations like space and interfaces (power, technical gases, network, control system etc.)

Deriving technical interface requirements for the integration in the new location

Setting up a process for save dismantling

Discussion on necessary adaption and changes to cope with the new environment

Planning and supervision of the shipment of the complex and delicate scientific equipment

Set-up and integration of the instrumentation at the new location

Application example

Relocation of a nuclear microprobe: The Garching accelerator facility has been closed and the operator of the superconducting microprobe SNAKE wants to relocate the whole nuclear microprobe. The goal is to set it up at an existing accelerator facility in Europe for continuation of the research performed up to now in material analysis and radiobiology.

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