Providing access to elemental insights

In a nutshell

You work on a R&D project and need material characterization that goes far beyond the limits of standard analytical methods? For example, you need element analytics with for thin films with nanometer depth resolution and ppm sensitivities? You cannot find such a material analysis service on the B2B market?

We can open new possibilities with world-class instruments and methods that are currently available only at university labs or research institutes.


Assessing your technical requirements and expectations in a structured approach

Identifying the adequate method for your specific question and demand

Finding the most suitable accelerator facility that is capable of answering your question with its unique instrumentation and leading-edge scientific methods

Handling the complete process in a full service approach (sample transport, measurement, result delivery and administrative issues)

Application example

Characterising element distributions in thin layers (<1 µm) with a depth resolution in the nm rang and sensitivities in the ppm region and lateral resolution in the µm range. This applies especially for all light elements including hydrogen, where classical x-ray method to not work reasonably

Identifying the pore size of nano pores in thin-film membranes with accuracies in the nm range without destroying the sample

Measuring hydrogen content and microscopic 3D-distributions with sensitivities in the ppm region and lateral resolution in the µm range

Your benefit

Accelerating innovation processes by using leading edge analytical methods only available at research facilities

Achieving a competitive advantage in the development of high-tech products

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