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Accelerating business and science

Our company is providing a portfolio of services centering on accelerator applications in the field of radiations hardness testing, materials research and proton therapy. We are conducting studies and surveys on the cooperation between science and business. Furthermore, we offer project management of highly complex technology and we are providing various consulting services for academia, public institutions and industry.

Providing Access to Elemental Insights

interact & innovate

Our passion

Particle accelerators and their applications in medicine, materials research, arts and archeology

Our technical core expertise

Proton therapy for cancer treatment, radiation hardness testing of electronic devices and high-resolution element analytics


Bridging the gap between science and industry, strengthening the bonds and enforcing technology transfer and innovation

This innovation Conference and Expo was the first of its kind in Europe, although having a long history of the format in the US. In the advance material session Dr. Datzmann presented “Positron Probing” . This is a material characterization service to industry and academia, performing e.g. porosimetry of thin-film membranes or analyzing defects and vacancies in semiconductors.