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In a nutshell:

Study on layout and cost estimation for a new center of competence for ion beam applications in materials research and medicine

In this study our client was in an early phase of founding a new research center for applied nuclear physics methods driven by particle accelerators. This activity was initiated, since an existing accelerator lab was about to be closed down.

The primary scope of this study was designing a layout for the center, i.e. the bunker for the accelerator and the beamlines, all experimental setups as well as the areas for offices, workshops, laboratories and other supporting infrastructure:

  • generating functional system specification of the accelerator and defining the requirements at the experiment instrumentation that enables a high precision and ultra-sensitive performance of the measurements
  • evaluation of the interfaces and the supporting infrastructure such as electric power, cooling water and ventilation system, IT-network, liquid gases, cranes etc.
  • dimensioning of workshops, auxiliary laboratories, control rooms and office rooms
  • designing a building layout that houses all these necessary rooms and systems.

In a second step a rough cost estimation for all relevant units was performed for getting and first guideline for the client for further funding procedures.

The approach to perform the above-mentioned tasks was a coordinated and centralized analysis of all issues and interfaces done by our company – Datzmann interact & innovate GmbH. Therefore, we collected all necessary pieces of information in numerous interviews and discussions with stakeholders in various fields. Primary, this included in-depth discussion with the client and final user of the center about the functional system specification containing not only the technical-physical parameters for the particle accelerators and the experimental setups but also the supporting infrastructure. Additional information was gathered from the experts in the different departments of the existing accelerator lab, to benefit from the long-time experience in operating an accelerator lab. Taking this input, the next step was the discussion about the implementation of the high-tech equipment in the building structure with the civil engineers and specialists in other lots e.g. IT or logistics to find out about limitations and constraints.

In these types of projects, an in-depth know-how and long-term experience about radiation protection physics as well as rules and regulation are a prerequisite. This issue has to be dealt with from the beginning of the project for preventing, time-consuming, expensive, and cumbersome redesigns in later stages of a project.

For the assessment of the rough costs, each lot had to be approached individually. In some cases, the experts delivered cost estimate, in other cases quotations were collected from companies. Budget structures of other recently built high-tech projects, also containing particle accelerators, were used derive cost by comparing similar equipment or lots.

Concerning the particle accelerator two scenario have been elaborated

  • First, transferring the existing 180 t accelerator to the new building site
  • Second, negotiating a quotation with vendors for purchasing a new accelerator

The building layout has to be adapted to the restrictions given by the preferred location. In one case within an already existing industrial building and in the other case to an available real estate.

The requirements of this study matched very well with the key competences of our company. The managing director of Datzmann interact & innovate has more than 24 years of experience in the field of particle accelerators and played a leading role in his former 12 years engagement at a private company building up a proton therapy center from scratch. This expertise helped in distilling all information received by the experts in their field and successfully developing a layout fitting all the requests from the client. With the support of the professional network of our company price tags could be successfully assigned for all important item. Finally, all technical data, information and figures created and collected during the study are summarized in a large report.