Feasibility studies

In a nutshell

You have a challenge or research question in material analysis and have heard that nuclear physics instruments and methods are a unique possibility to get it solved? You have an unprecedented idea in the field of radiobiology or radio oncology that requires an particle accelerator? You know about the technical requirements of your application, but you do have an in-depth knowledge on accelerator technologies?

We can assist you in discussing your requirements and evaluate in a structured approach if there is a technological solution that can meet your goals.


Assessment of desired application with in-depth discussion on all aspects and requirements

Analysis of the existing accelerator technology matching to your demands

Adapting the accelerator technology as well as the research instrumentation to enable the requested scientific application

Supporting the development, installation and implementation of the new device

Application example

Proton Minibeam Radiotherapy:

Identifying an accelerator-concept that is feasible to generate 70 MeV protons that can be focused to submillimeter-sized beam spots with sufficient beam current.

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