Study of science and business cooperation

In a nutshell

Knowledge and technology transfer is considered as a major driver for innovation in high-tech industry. How efficient does university-industry cooperation work in practice? Is the innovation potential that is generated by scientific researchers known at companies in key-industries? What are barriers hindering and which success factors are fostering the dyad between scientists and commercial R&D managers?

We conduct wholistic and in-depth studies illuminating both perspectives and evaluating measures that are feasible to bridge the gap between academia and industry. This contributes to unleash innovation potential and let the society participate in the merits of scientific research.


Performing deductive case studies on the effectiveness and impact of technology transfer activities between scientific institutions and companies

Evaluating innovation potential at scientific facilities and its applicability to industrial processes

Assessing barriers and success factors in university - industry cooperation

Proposing measures to foster and strengthen the ties between scientists and innovation managers in industry

Application example

Radiation Facility and Industrial Customer: Opportunities and perspectives for creating a successful cooperation

Industrial use of and innovation through university driven instruments utilizing particle beams at large scale facilities: a study on Technology transfer in the field of accelerators

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